Brown & sharp 1236 micromaster surface grinder

-Grinder works well in all speeds and feeds

-Has a dresser but it's untested

-Electromagnetic Chuck







bridgeport series ii Special w/ ez-trak 3 axis cnc

-3 Axis Control

​-58" Table

-Bijur Auto Lube System

-Bijur Coolant System

-2 HP Head

-Excellent Condition

brown & sharp 618 techmatic grinder

serial: 523-1618-1350

-2 Axis Auto Grinder

-Walker Electromagnetic Chuck

-Excellent Condition

ganesh 1628 cnc teach lathe 

With Fagor Controlls

Model: GT-1628CNC

Like new machine. A school bought it and then discontinued the program, so it was never used. We have done a couple of test runs in our shop and it works perfectly. Both the Ganesh and Fagor are current models so they are easy to get support for. 


Still Doin' it Old School!

H&W Machine Repair and rebuilding



-72" Arm - 16" Column

​-Comes with 2 Drill Blocks

-Auto Lube System

Was purchased for a customer that decided that it was to big for their shop. We have made some minor repairs to the mechanics and it is now running great in all speeds and feeds. We also installed a new auto lube pump system. 

summit 1580 engine lathe

Serial: 3251580 

3" Thru Hole

Taper Attachment (Not Tested)

English & Metric Threading

Brown & sharp 618 micromaster grinder

​Serial: 523-6182-8327

-3 Axis Auto Grinder

-Excellent Condition​ 

new Sharp mill


42" Table

This is a new mill. Variable Speed. Servo and DRO can be added upon request




Refurbished Bridgeport Mill base pricing

Step Pulley Head (1 HP)

​42" Table: $7,900

48" Table: $8,400

Variable Speed Head (1.5 or 2 HP)

42" Table: $8,400

48" Table: $8,900 (48" is currently unavailable)

*This price includes the refurbished machine and lubrication system installed. Call for pricing on adding power feeds, DRO's, or MillPwr Units. 1-800-285-5271

doall 12" x 16" horz. bandsaw

Model: C1216A

This saw is in very good condition. All features of the saw work except the stock feeder. 

KO Lee 618 grinder

​Model: s718hb

serial: 25772-xd

-X Axis Auto

-Y Axis Manual​ 

bridgeport series i w/ anilam 1100

3-Axis Controlled Anilam 1100

Serial: BR253593

9" x 48" Table

2HP Head

Bijur Auto Lube System

Bijur Coolant System w/ One Nozzle

Excellent Condition

new Sharp mill


50" Table

This is a new mill. Servo and DRO can be added upon request

doall variable speed drill press

MODEL: D-15100

SERIAL: 48-930

-Variable Speed Drill





milwaukee model "h" hORIZONTAL mill

SERIAL: 55-3678

-Currently has a DRO that will be removed before sale

-Not pretty but the machine runs well

​-No tooling 


milwaukee model "h" HORIZONTAL mill

SERIAL: 12-4358

-Runs well

​-Comes with Misc. Tooling 



Refurbished Bridgeport Mill

Series I Machine, see pricing below

Machine does not include Servos or DRO systems but can be added upon request. 

​Please call availability.


logan 1036 lathe

Model: 1922

​Serial: 64702 

-110 Voltage

-3 Jaw Chuck

-Steady Rest

​-Other Misc Tooling 

LeBlond 1796 lathe

​Serial: 4D1136

-3 & 4 jaw chuck

-Steady Rest

-Follower Rest

-Servo Shift

-Cleaned and painted

-Excellent Condition

delta step pulley drill press

MODEL: 70-200


-Step Pulley Drill


​-Heavy Base



New and Used Machinery

We offer both new and used machinery. These are the machines that we currently have in stock. All machines are sold as is unless specified. If you are looking for a new machine that we don't have listed please call us and we will be able to price it out for you. 

We can add DRO's to most machines and DRO's and Power Feeds to our mills. We are a distributor for Servo Power Feeds and Acu-Rite, Newall, Mitutoyo, and Fagor Digital Readout Systems. Just call for a quote if you would like to add anything to these machines!