Still Doin' it Old School!

H&W Machine Repair and rebuilding


If you decide you want to upgrade to the latest and greatest we can help you with that. All of our sales personnel are well versed in the different systems we offer and can help you decide what will be best for your shop. 

We are distributors for many different Digital Readout Systems and are one of the top five distributors in the county for Acu-Rite. We also sell Newall, Fagor, and Mitutoyo. We not only offer the complete systems but we can also get the encoders, mounting kits, adapter cables, and reader heads. 

We are also a distributor for Servo and Dynamo power feeds. We are not only a distributor for Servo but we are an authorized Regional Repair Facility. We can get you the whole system and also sell you parts if you want to repair your old one yourself.   

On-Site service

We also offer on-site service for all your electrical and electronics needs. We can come to your facility and inspect your DRO, power feed, motor, ect. and see what it is doing while attached to your machine. 

We will also come out and install DRO systems, encoders, readout boxes, servos, motors, and any other kind of electronic equipment  you can think of putting on your machine!  

Electronics Repair and Sales

We have a full service electronics department. We repair Digital Readout Systems, Power Feeds, Motors, and any other kinds of ancillary electronics equipment that you may have on your machine. We are a certified repair shop for Acu-Rite and Servo!

We are certified distributors for Acu-Rite, Newall, Fagor, and Mitutoyo Systems and Scales and also for Servo Power Feeds. We can even come out to your shop and install it for you!

Repair capabilities

H&W will evaluate all electronics for free, you just pay for shipping to and from our facility. Once received we will look at it and send you a quote for repair. 

We know that you want to keep your older equipment running for as long as possible. We evaluate and in many cases can get new parts for your old DRO and CNC systems. Those times we can't find new parts we can try and locate good refurbished parts for your obsolete system. If you don't see your product on the list you can still send it in, we will evaluate it for free and attempt to locate good repair parts, all it will cost you is shipping. 

These are the brands that we can currently get new parts for:





-Bridgeport EZ-Trak and EZ-Path



-Sony Magnascale

-"Trak" Products




-Bridgeport Powerfeeds